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Start-up phase

You are in the Start-up phase and you want to do a project study ?

Surely that is where we need to start. Thanks to its assistance in strategic analysis, synthesis and diagnosis. IT SERVI©ES guarantees relevant start-up study, assistance in the project development, its implementation as well as its evaluation.

After a preliminary study, through which IT SERVI©ES achieves the preparation of a scope statement, we set up planning tasks to be performed with their scheduling. Naturally, we provide a provisional timetable in which we detail the duration of the project different stages and resources allocation that are materialized by technical or financial means.

Implementation phase

It is during this phase that the project really progresses enabling the implementation of service delivery of web, software, or technical installation development. In this phase we perform the most part of our work we are responsible for, by carrying out control and performance tests before the delivery phase.

Delivery and Monitoring

Before delivering a key solution to our clients, we make sure that every stage of the project had been correctly achieved. This stage enables us not only to check the adequacy of deliverable service with the scope statements, but also to have a summary about performance and quality objectives that we had set from the beginning.

Whatever was the project we have undertaken on behalf our clients, we set up measuring tools that allow us, at every stage of the project, to have a sort of dashboard for a strict and quantifiable monitoring. This dashboard enables us to respond effectively to rectify if needed otherwise to implement a process of continuous improvement for the benefit of our customers.

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