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IT services provisions of are centered on three Professional interests: IT, internet and Development

IT and outsourcing

Hardware Sale

Hardware Installation and maintenance

Network Installation and maintenance

Users' functional Support and corrective, preventive or progressive maintenance.

Outsourcing hosting or infrastructure computer operating

Internet and webmarketing

Booking domain names

Website Developing or redesigning

Website optimization SEO

Developing and implementing webmarketing plan

Social Media Optimization (SMO), community management

Search engine marketing (SEM), Sponsored Listing, Pay-per-Click (PPC), adwords.

Creating and disseminating e-mailing

Software Development

Software engineering: software development, hosting on secure platform, technical audit and optimization

Web Applications: advice, implementation and experience feedback

Intranet Applications

Industrial computing

Business Applications

Consulting and technical expertise in software engineering

IT SERVI©ES packs: only webmarketing services are included

Pack S: Create or redesign a website

Pack M: Create or redesign a website + SEO

Pack L: Create or redesign a website + SEO + SMO

Pack XL: Create or redesign website + SEO + SMO + SEA

A la carte services of IT SERVI©ES

For customers who want customized solutions for domains associated to outsourcing or software development, we are able to offer A la carte services combining quality and relevance.

A redesign project or a new creation? Ask advice from a professional! Contact us

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IT Services provides a large range of IT services, internet, communication, webmarketing, and software in order to help you improve your income thanks to new information and communication technologies.

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